Steven Rogers

First Appearance: Captain America #194 (February 1976).
Appearances: Captain America #194, Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #6-7, X-Men: The Hellfire Club #2.
Years Active: 1776-1780s.

Steven Rogers was an ancestor of Captain America. In 1776 Rogers, a blacksmith, was treated badly by various British subjects. (Well, in 1776 Rogers would have been a British subject, and those mistreating him Tories, but you know what I mean.) When the Declaration of Independence was issued Rogers and many of his friends were inspired by it, so much so that they joined the Continental Army the very day they heard of the Declaration. For the next five years Rogers served in the Army, often becoming a temporary leader of the troops. He and other soldiers "took part in a score of battles, from Trenton to Guilford Courthouse, receiving many promotions along the way."

In August 1781 Rogers was a Captain and was assigned to infiltrate the mansion of Sir William Taurey; while there Rogers discovered that one of his comrades was a traitor. Taking the costume of "Captain Yankee Doodle" from his former friend, Rogers attempted to return to headquarters. He was captured by British troops and forced to fight Taurey in a rigged "duel." Rogers managed to kill Taurey, and then Continental troops led by Major Ulysses Bloodstone arrived to help settle the mess.

Nothing more is known about Steven Rogers; it is not known whether he continued to fight against the British in the red, white and blue costume of "Captain Yankee Doodle" or if he had any further adventures with Bloodstone. X-Men: The Hellfire Club shows Rogers in action with an ancestor of the modern hero and X-Men member the Archangel, but the book sets the action in 1780, a year before Rogers got the "Captain Yankee Doodle" costume.

Note: But then, The Hellfire Club, as can be seen from the first issue's Hiram Shaw gaffe, has more than a few continuity problems.

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