First Appearance: X-Force v1 #93 (August 1999).
Appearances: X-Force v1 #93.
Years Active: circa 1000 C.E.

An alien, Ry'lor was, in his own words:

the last of the Vyr'lgm'sh Dynasty. I was a warrior, a king, and a tyrant. For far too long I gloried in war and destruction, until the thrill of conquest became empty and meaningless.
He doesn't sound very promising, admittedly. However, over a thousand years ago his "spacecraft's warp engine malfunctioned and stranded me halfway across the galaxy on this primitive planet," somewhere in the Pacific:
I discovered two tribes warring on this island, and in a surprising revelation, understood for the first time the folly of such conflict. Abandoning my role as conqueror, I chose to become peacemaker--and then assumed human form to end this war of stones and spears. Instead of destroying their primitive culture, I set out to uplift it, and used the technology from my downed ship to create a utopian city. I did not want to be worshiped like a god, but my vanity was greater than my reason, and, for a time, I reveled in their adulation. Blinded by my own ego, I failed to see their reverence turn to resentment. I shared with them the secrets of my science, and then, believing they no longer needed me, they turned on me--attempting to kill me with a radioactive ore from my homeworld. In my rage at their betrayal, I lost control. Ry'lor the Destroyer returned. I destroyed everything I had given them, and then I killed every last man, woman and child.
After that he imprisoned himself on that island and stayed there for a millennium. Ry'lor has advanced technology, can fly, can radiate light, and can telepathically learn any language (part of his racial heritage). In the modern era he is discovered by the mutant heroes X-Force and leaves the island for parts unknown.

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