First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents #146 (Late January 1994).
Appearances: Marvel Comics Presents #146, Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #61, 64-67, 71, 73-75, Annual #4, Midnight Sons Unlimited #4-5.
Years Active: Millennia ago to the present.

Salome was the first known Sorcerer Supreme from Earth; Earth's dimension's first known Sorcerer Supreme was Agamotto, but Salome was the first from Earth itself.

She is a member of the Blood, a long-lived race of supernatural beings who have lived among humans, often protecting them from occult threats, for an unspecified number of millennia. Salome is also a member of the Fallen, a sub-group of the Blood; the Fallen have committed their lives to the service of the demon Zarathos.

In the modern era Salome is a villainess who clashed with Dr. Strange, but at some point in the past she was the Sorceress Supreme, which means that she was a heroine. (By definition the Sorcerer Supreme is a good guy.) No timeframe for her activities in this role is given, nor do we know just what she did as the Sorceress Supreme. Thousands of years ago she was worshiped as a goddess in Nimrud, a city of Assyria in what is now northern Iraq. This was before she was exiled to another dimension for centuries or millennia as a member of the Fallen.

Salome is an attractive white-haired woman with greyish-black skin, fangs, and large leathery wings.  She has the usual sorcerous abilities of a Sorceress Supreme, as well as the abilities to channel magical energy through a mesmeric dance.

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