Scarlet Scarab

First Appearance: Invaders #23 (December 1977).
Appearances: Invaders #23, 25, Thor #326.
Years Active: 1942-present.

During World War Two Egyptian archaeologist Abdul Faoul discovered the Ruby Scarab, an ancient object of great mystical power that had originally been owned by the pre-dynastic Egyptian sorcerer Garret. When Faoul took possession of the Scarab, with the aid of the Human Torch (I) and Sub-Mariner, he gained various mystical abilities. Faoul then named himself the Scarlet Scarab and used his powers during the war to defend his country against all foreign invaders.

In 1950 the Ruby Scarab mysteriously disappeared, and Faoul spent the rest of his life searching for it. When he died he told his son, also an archaeologist, about it, and his son continued the search, eventually finding it and tangling with Thor during the modern era.

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