First Appearance: Dead of Night #11 ().
Appearances: Dead of Night #11, Marvel Spotlight #26, Marvel Two-in-One #18, Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme #31, 38, 40.
Years Active: ?-present.

Also known as the Straw Man, the Scarecrow is a magical warden of sorts. He lives within a painting which was first owned by a man who had formerly belonged the the Cult of Kalumai, the goat-masked disciples of the god Kalumai; the man had been thrown out of the Cult for heresy. (The Cult of Kalumai are reported to have once ruled the world, although when this might have happened is unrecorded.) The painting in which the Scarecrow resides is painted over a portrait of Kalumai; the first owner of the painting painted over the portrait of Kalumai to deny him access to the dimension in which Earth resides. In this way the Scarecrow is "protector of a hellish dimension---and, for to a painting which saints and sages have tried fruitlessly to destroy...for it is the sole link between  our dimension and that of Kalumai."  The texts also tell us that "should the Scarecrow falter in his  assigned mission, the earth will crumble."  It is also written that "centuries ago" the Scarecrow himself trapped Kalumai in the painting, after a "death-battle" in which the Scarecrow tore one of Kalumai's horns from his head.

The Scarecrow is also, according to the Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme issues, a member of the "Fear Lords," a group of seven mystical entities (the other six are Nightmare, the Lurking Unknown, D'Spayre, Kkallakku ("Hatch Lord" of the Kkallakki, or Fear-Eaters), Nox and the Dweller in Darkness) who are sustained or entertained by fear; the Scarecrow telepathically claims that he has "long resided upon the Earth" and that he considers it "his world." He is linked in some way with the reporter Dave Monroe, who is never around when the Scarecrow appears.

The Scarecrow has great but not necessarily superhuman strength and agility, is impervious to bullets (but not fire), and can command crows and trees. He never speaks in the stories, only laughing maniacally. In his current mortal identity he is Skirra Corvus, the host of Horror-TV, a tv network intended to gradually increase humanity's ability to tolerate fear.

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