First Appearance: Iron Fist #5 (June 1976).
Appearances: Iron Fist #5, Power Man & Iron Fist #88, Iron Fist v2 #1-2, Marvel: The Lost Generation #9.
Years Active: 1940s (?) to the present.

Scimitar is from the Middle Eastern country of Halwan, the age-old enemy of Murtakesh, the home of the Black Tiger. In the modern era Scimitar has been an enemy of the heroes Iron Fist and Power Man, but Scimitar has also served, apparently, as a tribal hero to the Halwani in previous generations, going back at least until the 1940s.

One of the Scimitars--presumably the father of the current Scimitar--was killed during the late 1970s or early 1980s by the heroine Positron of the First Line.

Presumably all of the Scimitars were like the ones seen in Iron Fist and Marvel: The Lost Generation: not superpowered, but good fighters and skilled with the blade.

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