Sherlock Holmes

First Appearance: Master of Kung Fu issues (referred to).
Appearances: Master of Kung Fu issues (referred to).
Years Active: 1880s-?

Holmes, of course, is one of the great fictional detectives of all time, and I'd love to have seen him featured in a story or series within the Marvel Universe, as Marvel did with Doc Savage. Unfortunately, DC has always had the rights to him, as they have with the Shadow.


Michael Hoskin notes various passages in MoKF issues that point to The Great Detective's existence within continuity.

Clive Reston, in MoKF, is an ally of Shang-Chi. He has made comments that imply that his great-uncle was Sherlock Holmes and his (Reston's) father was James Bond, including statements that his father had a "double-0 license" and his grandfather played the violin and considered something an "elementary matter."

Note: MoKF #85-86 also bring in Richard Blaine, of Casablanca, into Marvel continuity.

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