Rich Bellacera's very nice rendition of the She WolfShe Wolf

First Appearance: Thunderbolts Minus-1 (late 1990s).
Appearances: Thunderbolts Minus-1, Citizen V and the V-Battalion v2 #1.
Years Active: 1940s-1953.

Relatively little is known about the She Wolf. Her name was Paulette Brazee, and she beside Citizen V during World War Two in occupied Europe. She was also his lover, and in 1944 bore him a child. She is also the grandmother of the current heroine Citizen V.

After WW2 Brazee was active with the V-Battalion as a field agent, chasing escaped Nazis and missing Third Reich scientists around the world. In 1953 she was active in Buenos Aires, clashing with the Everlasting, a villain who returned to plague the V-Battalion in the modern day.

The She Wolf had no superpowers but was a good hand-to-hand fighter and a good shot.

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