First Appearance: Peter Parker, Spider-Man #76 (January 1997).
Appearances: Peter Parker, Spider-Man #76, 79, 80, Spider-Man #90.
Years Active: ?-present.

The current SHOC is Neil Aiken, aka Todd Fields, a fellow student of Peter Parker, aka the Amazing Spider-Man. SHOC wears a suit of power armor that was designed by his father, William Fields, when Fields was a scientist working for the criminal organisation HYDRA. Fields discovered a kind of very powerful energy weapon, but on realising what it was that HYDRA actually did Fields (the "strong, silent type") stole the secret to keep it away from HYDRA. This energy source allowed him to take on an energy-based form which included power armor that was somehow "part of him."

The current SHOC can fly, project energy from his hands, transmute matter, stretch his limbs and body, and interface and control similar kinds of energy; presumably William Fields could do that, as well. HYDRA sent another scientist against William Fields; this other scientist had some of the same abilities as Fields. The two had a number of clashes over the years, the most recent seven years ago but previous ones from the time before Neil Aiken was born, which is comfortably before Fantastic Four #1.

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