Jack Smithers

First Appearance: Plasmer #1 (November 1993).
Appearances: Plasmer #1-4.
Years Active: Early 1900s to the present.

Smithers is "Britain's oldest and most brilliant spymaster." His classified knowledge goes back farther than any living agent's. He is more than a century old, being a schoolboy in 1904. The source of his longevity has never been revealed, although he attributes it to cigars and bachelorhood.

To quote himself, "I am Jack Smithers, the oldest man in England.  I was brought up to mistrust the enemies of the Empire.  Across the bloody years of the twentieth century I fought the Nazis and the Communists...but I have really only hated...people who simply lack humanity." In Plasmer Captain America (I) reveals that Smithers and he were present at the liberation of Paris, during WW2, and that they "drank the Red Skull's own pastis." He has also implied that he was part of a group that constructed British sleeper robot agents during WW1.

His powers are relatively unknown, although the following quote gives some clue as to what he can do beyond simply being immortal: "In my hundred years I've learnt judo, tae kwon do and virtual kung-fu...rather a backlash to those drugs that Malarkey was pumping into me...my whole system has revitalised -- I feel fit as a fiddle!" ("Malarkey" was Dr. Oonagh Malarkey, who tortured him to get information on the Sleeper.) The "backlash" transformed and rejuvenated Smithers, giving him agility on the level of Captain America. In Plasmer he also wears an armored battlesuit and uses an energy rifle.

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