Speed Carter

First Appearance: Spaceman Speed Carter #1 (September 1953).
Appearances: Spaceman Speed Carter #1-6.
Years Active: 2075 C.E.-?

In the year 2075 C.E. Captain Speed Carter is the brightest light of the Space Sentinels, who are the "space police force" and who keep the peace in the solar system and presumably the galaxy. Speed has no superpowers, but rather is like Jet Dixon of the Space Squadron: a clever, brave, tough adventurer who is good with his "hydro bullet" guns and his two fists. Speed is also (of course) an ace pilot and smart, patriotic officer of the Sentinels. He serves under General Stone, the C.O. of the Space Sentinels.

Carter's coworkers are: Lieutenant Crash Morgan, one of Carter's rivals in the Sentinels, but an officer who can be depended on to help Carter and the Sentinels when the time for action comes; Johnny, the Winky sidekick to Carter's Rocky Jones; and Stellar Stone, an officer of the Sentinels who is the daugher of General Stone and also Carter's love interest. That's Stellar with Speed; they were just moshing (Speed actually used the I-ran-out-of-gas excuse, a wheeze elderly even in 1953 and disintegrated, surely, by 2075) when they noticed some grave-robbing skeletons.

The Speed Carter stories are somewhat more fantastic than those of the Space Squadron. Carter encounters skull-shaped planets from which armies of reanimated skeletons invade the solar system; an invasion of Saturnians is turned back with the help of the "Core People," who live in the great void at the center of the Earth and who had no idea of an outer world "until we detected your drilling;" and a group of literally bug-eyed monsters who have the capability to change the shapes of others with their "matter converter" are defeated, but only after Carter has been turned into an "elepheagle."

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