(updated 5 March 2001)

Yes, I'm a sports fan. And why not? Are diversions so wrong? It's not like I actually pay money to go see games or to watch them on television. I've enough of a conscience that I'm not going to give any of my money to line the pockets of the rapacious, dishonest, Uriah Heep-like owners or selfish, obnoxious players. But there is still something involving about sports, to me, and at their best they can provide unmatched drama. are the sites I go to when I want information or commentary about sports.

Boston Globe Online / Sports You can have your Chicago Sun-Times and your Washington Posts and your L.A. Times. THERE IS NO BETTER SPORTS SECTION IN THE NATION THAN THE BOSTON GLOBE. Got it?
CNN/SI - This Week's Issue It's not the entire issue of Sports Illustrated, but it's the meat of the issue - and it's free.
ESPN SportsZone ESPN on the Web. 'nuff said.
Chicago Sun Times Sports They are, truth be told, only a decent paper, but I like the writing of Rick Telander and Jay Mariotte.
The Sporting News An enjoyable enough magazine, with some good commentary. Columnists' Corner I go here not to read about the latest doings of the Chicago Wizards (poor Wes Unsled, condemned to labor for such a clueless ball-club) or the reprehensible Washington NFL team (whose very name is a racial slur, and whose continual, disingenuous denial of that fact is but another reason they are so contemptible - the loathesome and hateful and now thankfully dead Jack Kent Cooke being the first). I go to read Michael Wilbon's column. Alas, Shirley Povich is gone, now, and a light has gone out of the sportswriting world. And what's left are the Tony Kornheisers and Mike Lupicas. Which is why we need to read the Wilbons of the world all the more.



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