Space Squadron

First Appearance: Space Squadron #1 (June 1951).
Appearances: Space Squadron #1-5, Space Worlds #6.
Years Active: 2000 C.E.-?

The Space Squadron is an law enforcement organization in the not-too-distant-future of 2000 C.E. Their purpose is to keep the peace in "The Galaxy," which is our solar system and its neighbors--"all the planets of the inner universe." (That's not "The Galaxy," but never mind. Accuracy in astronomical terms is not to be expected.) These planets are part of an alliance, of which Bennett "Blast" Revere, the legendary hero, is the head ("chief of the Orbit of Galaxy").

"During the year 2000, the civilized world of galaxy (sic) was (sic) still engaged in aero-warfare with the outlaw planets! The brunt of this most devastating of all wars was born by the valiant crew of the Space Squadron, valiant guardians of the peace of the universe!"

It has been revealed that all of the planets of our system are inhabited:

Other members of the Federation--sorry, the alliance--are Procyon and Fluvius, which is home to the "Gaitor-Men."

The Space Squadron consists of:

These two images have all of the Squadron in them. The top photo has, from left to write, Rusty, LLA 38, "Blast" Revere, Jet Dixon, and another Saturnian (he goes bad eventually). The bottom photo has Mxxptrm (aka "Max"), fresh from killing four savage, rampaging Martians, and Jet.

Note: The Space Squadron is very much like Star Trek's Federation, only a decade earlier. As Ronald Byrd points out, more than the average amount of thought went into Space Squadron.

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