First Appearance: Daredevil #176 (November 1981).
Appearances: Daredevil #176, 177, 186-189, 349, 350, Elektra #14, 17-19.
Years Active: ?-?

Stick was the trainer and mentor of the modern hero Daredevil. He was also the leader of the Chaste, a clan of good Ninja. The Chaste have been locked in combat with the evil clan of Beast-worshipping ninja The Hand for a very long time, although specifics have not been forthcoming.

Stick's age is indeterminate, but he has been shown to be visibly the same age when he trained the teenaged Matt Murdock as when he encountered the adult Daredevil, and it's quite possible that Stick led the Chaste in decades or even centuries past.

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