Rick Stoner

First Appearance: Fury #1 (2001).
Appearances: Fury #1.
Years Active: 1941-?

Rick Stoner was the head of SHIELD before Nick Fury. Stoner seems to have had extensive experience in espionage, although the sole story he appeared in did not relate too many stories about him. He fought alongside Fury during World War Two. When HYDRA stole the Guardian armor Stoner, then the head of the CIA, and Logan (aka Wolverine) were sent to retrieve it.

Stoner was selected to be the first Director of the new organisation of SHIELD, but was killed in action by HYDRA soon after his appointment. In personality he was very much by-the-book, and because of this he clashed with Fury during World War Two. As Director of SHIELD he looked at the dossiers of the Howling Commandos and said that "these "these jokers will never become SHIELD agents as long as I'm director."

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