(updated 6 April 2002)

Do I really need to write a justification for reading? Gods, I hope not.

* ABEbooks The single largest and best association of online used book dealers. A splendid way to find and buy old (and new) books.
Adventure House Welcome A great online bookstore--or perhaps just the web page--anyhow, a great site for being pulp magazines and reprints.
Adventures in Crime and Space The web site of the wonderful Austin, TX bookstore. (I met Terry Pratchett there! And he was really cool! And I even managed to say something that interested him!)
Adventurous Traveler Bookstore A good online bookstore focussing on travel books
* Alibris An online used book dealer. Not quite as good as ABEbooks, but still pretty nice.
* Books For all their flaws, including their union-busting ways (BOO!), they are still the biggest and still the best online bookstore. If you've never used them, you're in for a treat.
* Blackwell's Bookshops Blackwell's is perhaps the best British bookstore. Their web site doesn't have the perks of, but it does let you order books that aren't available here in the States, and perhaps won't ever be. Their delivery is quite reliable, too.
NEW Border Bookshop Another good English bookstore, specializing in British comics and magazines.
* Evelyn C. Leeper's Bookstore Lists The divine Ms. Leeper's exhaustive listing of the best bookstores in the world from which to buy fantasy & sf.
Future Fantasy Bookstore The web page of still another good California fantasy/sf/mystery bookstore; they've also got some good links on this page.

* Ken Pierce Books A wonderful place from which to buy comics, reprints, and collections.
Mystery Books A nice little online bookstore for mysteries.
Powell's The wonderful bookstore. Yes, that Powell's.
* Violet Books The premiere antiquarian bookstore on the Internet. If you're interested in old books, this is the place to go. Wonderful selection, wonderful service, wonderful web site.
* WordsWorth Books: The Best As good an independent bookseller as there is in the United States. Great selection, great service, and great prices (30% off a lot of stuff). Plus they have a weekly contest.
Zardoz Books A good European used books store.



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