Sunset Riders

First Appearance: Two-Gun Kid: The Sunset Riders #1 (1995).
Appearances: Two-Gun Kid: The Sunset Riders #1-2.
Years Active: 1880?

The Sunset Riders were a group of men who teamed up with the Two-Gun Kid to oppose the governments of the United States, Canada, Russia and Japan. The Sunset Riders consisted of: Marcel Fournier, an African-Canadian trapper and spy; Running Fish, a Cibecue Apache whose tribe is killed by the conspirators; Hijiro Nguri, a renegade samurai who turned on his government employers for their dishonorable behaviour.

Notes: Marcel Fournier later appears in Blaze of Glory, which also gives some information on what the other Sunset Riders are doing at the time of that series. The Cibecue Apache were a real tribe.

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