Sailor Sweeney

First Appearance: Sailor Sweeney #12 (July 1956).
Appearance: Sailor Sweeney #12-14.
Years Active: 1950s.

Seaman First Class "Sailor" Sweeney is one of Atlas' relatively rare naval characters, one of the few others being "Battleship" Burke. Sweeney is a strapping, blond-haired sailor who loves adventure, the ladies, adventure movies, and the Navy, not necessarily in that order. He is very much in the vein of other Atlas military characters, having a mischievous, if obvious, sense of humor and a strong, patriotic, anti-Communist bent.

Sweeney is usually accompanied by his friend and rival Chief Petty Officer Mulligan in whatever he does, whether it's stopping Commie Rats from stealing "the Navy's newest secret invention...a FLYING PLATFORM!", winning a bullfight in Mexico and getting smooched by the admiring Mexican senoritas, or salvaging a "sunken Commie sub" while fending off "Red frogmen." They serve on an unnamed battleship helmed by Commander Jones.

Notes: Interestingly, the stories involving Sweeney range in tone from the comedic to the serious, similar to Combat Kelly (I) but not to any of Atlas' other military characters, most of whose adventures were played straight.

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