First Appearance: Shadowmasters #1 (October 1989).
Appearance: Shadowmasters #1-4.
Years Active: 1930s-?

The last member of theShadowmasters, the Tengu (named after the mythical Japanese bird-spirit) was actually Shigeru Ezaki, the mayor of Ueno, in Iga Province. As the Tengu, the Shadowmaster, and the Shadow Warrior, the Tengu had been active in Iga Province from the late 1930s. His actions during the war have never been detailed.

After the war he allied with an American officer and feuded with a group of renegade Japanese soldiers. The renegades eventually surrendered and became successful businessmen, forming a corporation so that they could conquer the world from within. In 1972 the leader of the group discovered Ezaki's location and kidnapped his, meanwhile killing the American officer. Ezaki saved his family but died doing so. (They carried on the tradition of the Shadowmasters after their father's death, having been trained by him when they were old enough.)

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