First Appearance: Terror, Inc. #1 (July 1992).
Appearance: Terror, Inc. #1-13, Wolverine #58-59, Cage #15-16, Silver Sable #13-14, Daredevil #305.
Years Active: ?-?

Terror, Inc. is an immortal (or at least extremely long-lived) being who in his current state is a creepy mercenary who performs murders for hire and other, similarly amoral/evil acts. He is not without redeeming qualities, however; he has been known to refuse to abandon an ally, he respects Wolverine and is unwilling to believe him guilty of cold-blooded murder, and in one case he very carefully prevents a child from seeing him slay the child's attackers. He has been known to ask for a prayer on his behalf in lieu of payment, and in one situation, when offered money from a man on death row, he returned some of the money to the man's family.

That's now, though. In previous millennia Terror was a real, if flawed, hero. When humanity was still "a fledgling species struggling to survive," Terror (then a feathered-spear carrying, bare-chested, bearded European with shaggy brown hair) fought a "lone battle against a thing ruling the dark," one of the demonic beings who plagued early humanity. Terror killed the creature but was "cursed by victory to wear the dead beast's mantle--turning the fear he embodied into a grim test of strength for those he encountered through the ages." As a result of his victory the six spines that had grown from the demon's face grew from Terror's; this caused Terror to be met with "frightful rejection by the ones I sought to impress and protect." Terror's fellow tribesman turned on him and drove him off.

After an unknown number of millennia, "many long centuries" ago, Terror, wearing the cadaverous, green-skinned form that he wears today, became a sword-wielding, armor-wearing knight. He was accompanied by a woman similarly armed and armored; she was his lover until she died, and referred to him as "m'lord." This time of his life Terror refers to as "a time my business was less about profit and more about patronage," and describes it as a period when he took a stand against the forces of darkness. He also says that "someone had to give a name to the night's most primal emotion...and someone had to take it for his own..." Terror's lover died as a result of "the path (he) took for so long."

The rest of Terror's history is unknown; presumably something happened between the death of his lady love and the present to reduce him to killings for pay. He is known to have encountered Wolverine in that time before Wolverine joined the X-Men, and during the modern era Doctor Strange has an unpleasant exchange with him:

Strange:  "Don't trifle with me, Enforcer!  Never forget that I know what you are!"
Terror:  "As do I, sorcerer.  And that is the curse I live with every day."
(Terror comments that Strange's "sanctimonious preachings are as tiresome as ever." The two do not get along at all.)

Terror is immortal and has the ability to attach body parts to himself and thereby gain the skills and occasionally the memories from the parts' original owners. He is, likely due to long experience, an excellent athlete, fighter, marksman and businessman. He keeps a supply of body parts (including mutant ones) handy in case he needs skills for a particular job. (Terror also saved the hand of his dead lady-love and keeps it with him in a hermetically-sealed metal glove.) He is the head of Terror, Inc., a mercenary concern with offices around the world.

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