Black Tiger

First Appearance: Power Man and Iron Fist #82 (June 1982).
Appearances: Power Man and Iron Fist #82.
Years Active: ?-present.

Black Tiger was once the legendary hero of the Middle Eastern country of Murtakesh. Murtakesh is the neighbor of Halwan, and both have a vaguely Arabic culture, but Murtakesh is specifically described as existing in "the African desert," with both countries having a coast on the Mediterranean. (More than that we cannot know, this being a fictional location within a Marvel comic, where geography is almost always vague.)

The Black Tiger, also known as "the Blessed One," was "the legendary hero of the desert people" of Murtakesh; we can assume from this that he was a tribal & patriotic hero similar to the Black Panther. In the modern era there have been two Black Tigers: the first was Abe Brown, former member of the Sons of the Tiger; the second was Brillalae, a native Murtakeshian (Murtakeshite?), who says, when asked about her gender and the Tiger, that "The Tiger is a symbol! He transcends individuals!"

As far as is known the original Black Tiger never had any superpowers, but presumably was a good hand-to-hand fighter, swordsman, and horseman. His costume is that of the stereotypical desert dweller: kaftan, robes, cape, face covered with a length of cloth, and all in black.

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