First Appearance: West Coast Avengers #6 (March 1986).
Appearances: West Coast Avengers #6, What If...? v1 #35.
Years Active: 10th Century C.E.-present.

The original Tigra was created sometime during the 10th century by the two original Cat People, Flavius and Helene, who were in turn created by the wizard Ebrok. Tigra was a human transformed into a Cat Person by a spell. She then set about destroying the Sorcerers' Guild, the enemies of Ebrok and the Cat People and the group who was trying to prevent Flavius and Helene from saving humanity from the Black Plague. Flavius and Helene, near death, summoned Balkatar, another Cat Person, who mated with Tigra and gave rise to a line of Cat People.

Tigra is the ancestor of the modern heroine Tigra; the modern Tigra is referred to in West Coast Avengers as "a Tigra" and "this Tigra," implying that there may have been other Tigras over the centuries.

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