Human Top (II)

First Appearance: Invaders #26 (March 1978).
Appearances: Invaders #26-28, 38-39.
Years Active: 1942-?

David Mitchell, a teenager, was kidnaped by Agent Axis, a superpowered operative for the Axis powers. Axis placed Mitchell, a Japanese-American teenager named Gwenny Lou Sabuki, Bucky (I) and Toro into a machine designed to restore Agent Axis to his normal form. Before this could take place Bucky (I) and Toro tried to escape, and in the ensuing brawl one of the machines exploded, granting superpowers to Gwenny Lou and David Mitchell.

Mitchell was given the ability to spin at superspeed. He put on a costume and called himself the "Human Top," and with Bucky (I), Toro, and Sabuki, who called herself Golden Girl (II), Mitchell became a member of the Kid Commandos.

The Kid Commandos were active throughout the war. After the war Mitchell was a founding member of the Penance Council, the leaders of the V-Battalion. The post-war history of David Mitchell is not known, but Mitchell appeared in the Citizen V miniseries, so we know, at least, that he's still alive.

Mitchell's son was Twister. Mitchell's grandson is Darren Mitchell, aka Topspin, and is active with the V-Battalion.

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