Tribe of the Moon

First Appearance: Alpha Flight #83 (April 1990).
Appearances: Alpha Flight #83.
Years Active: 8000 B.C.E.

The Tribe of the Moon were active 10,000 years ago, in what is today Canada, and were the heroes of the land, although it was not made clear just how far they wandered in fighting evils. They consisted of Bear Brother, Firehand, Talks-to-Spirits, and Willow Dancer.

They were somewhat famous, having defeated "the dwellers of the Twisted Realm" and saved Nahita of the Elk Tribe, who is the ancestor of the modern day heroes Shaman and Talisman. The Tribe also fought and defeated, over several years' time, the Creatures of the Caves, the Sharks from Beyond Time, rogue Deviants from the lost contient of Lemuria, the Dimension Giants, and the Ice-Devils. Their greatest challenge was Llan the Sorcerer, an evil sorcerer who threatens Earth once every 10,000 years. The four Tribe members fought and defeated Llan, although Willow Dancer was killed in the battle. After the battle Nahita joined them as the heroine Talisman.

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