Hodiah Twist

First Appearance: Vampire Tales #2 (October 1973).
Appearances: Vampire Tales #2, Marvel Preview #16, Amazing Adventures #32.
Years Active: 1930s.

Thanks to the amazing Ronald Byrd, scholar of the obscure and marvelous, I can present to you information on Hodiah Twist. Quoting Ronald:

Do you remember Hodiah Twist, the mildly deranged Sherlock Holmes imitator, and his sidekick Conrad Jeavons?  They were apparently active during the 1930s inasmuch as one story indicates they were active after 1933 but before Mayor LaGuardia was re-elected.  They appeared in Vampire Tales #2, Marvel Preview #16, and (sort of) in Amazing Adventures #32, where they were part of what we would today call a virtual reality experience of Killraven's.

Twist, it is noted, was once a wealthy man, until the stock market crash, when he lost his fortune and, under unexplained circumstances, his wife..."a time, according to some, when he lost his mind."  Apparently, following these tragedies, Twist psychologically remade himself into a duplicate of  Sherlock Holmes (including the delusion that he is a respected consultant of the police) in some effort to restore meaning to his life; why the apparently sane Jeavons follows him around so devotedly was not made clear in MP #16 or AA #32.

The general theme of the Hodiah Twist stories is that Jeavons (whom Twist regards as a loyal but clueless "Watson") recognizes the supernatural nature of the deaths they are investigating (vampires, a werewolf, a hell-hound) almost immediately, whereas Twist, dedicatedly exploring "rational" explanations, must have the monster literally stare him in the face.  This blind spot aside, Twist is at least intelligent enough to convincingly SOUND like Holmes, and he is a formidable fighter (surviving a tussle with a werewolf, for instance).

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