Captain Tyger

First Appearance: Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #17 (May 1990).
Appearances: Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #17, 20.
Years Active: Mid/late 17th century.

Marvel Comics, despite its long history, has only produced two heroic pirates, ala DC's Black Pirate. Red Lucy is one. Captain Tyger is the other. Thanks to Ronald Byrd, who is a pure joy to have as a correspondent, I can now tell you a bit more about Tyger.

Captain Tyger, a dispossessed French nobleman, operated in the mid/late-17th century. He was the deadliest of the freebooter pirates. His

feline eyes and strength were said to be inherited from a woman of a mysterious race of Cat People. He was ever accompanied by two black giants named Laurent and Alexandre...not engagés, but free men.  Tyger hated slavery---so there was a deep enmity between him and Boute-Feu, who trafficked in blacks.
Tyger was active in the Caribbean, fighting Boute-Feu, various other evil pirates, and whatever evils appeared there, including an army of zombies (see the Lord of the Loa entry). Tyger eventually married Doña Elmina, a Spanish noblewoman, regained his ancestral lands in France, and returned there to live Happily Ever After.

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