Union Jack (II)

First Appearance: Invaders #18 (July 1977).
Appearances: Invaders #18-41, Marvel Universe #1, Cable v2 #50, Hellfire Club #3, Fantastic Four #405, Citizen V & the V-Battalion #2.
Years Active: 1942-1953.

In 1939 Brian Falsworth, the son of Montgomery, Lord Falsworth, aka Union Jack (I), was in favor of Britain's non-interference policy towards Germany. With his friend Roger Aubrey Falsworth went to Geramny to visit the country, but once war broke out between Germany and Britain Falsworth quickly learned what Germany under the Nazis was really like. Aubrey, lacking Falsworth's family connections, was taken away by the Germans and given to scientists, who performed experiments on him which eventually gave him the powers of the Dyna-Mite. Falsworth, however, was the son of nobility, so he was only imprisoned in a concentration camp.

In that camp he met Professor Eric Schmitt, a German biochemist who opposed the Nazis and was jailed for his troubles. Schmitt had developed a version of the Super Soldier Serum whih had given Captain America (I) his powers, but didn't want to give it to the Nazis. He decided to give it to Falsworth, and did so before he died. Falsworth, now empowered, broke out of the camp and began fighting the Germans from inside of Germany as the Destroyer.

In 1942, after various adventures on his own and with the Invaders, Falsworth was reunited with Aubrey. At some point, perhaps before this, perhaps then, or perhaps later, Falsworth and Aubrey became lovers. Falsworth put aside the costume of the Destroyer and became the Union Jack (II). In that identity he fought the Axis for the rest of the war as a member of the Invaders. After the war he was one of the founding members of the V-Battalion's Penance Council.

Falsworth died in an automobile accident in 1953.

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