First Appearance: Blaze #10 (May 1995).
Appearances: Blaze #10-12.
Years Active: "The time before the reign of Suleiman." (see below)

As usual, I'm indebted to Ronald Byrd for this entry:

In Blaze #10-12, we met Uri-El, who is described thus by the vampire Charnel: the "peer of Micha-El and Gabri-El", Uri-El dates back to "the time before the reign of Suleiman," "the bane of djinns and oppressor of demons---when Uri-El first was loosed with white fire shining to slay the multitude [of vampires] until we were few! A great and dire mage of our kind" (VARNAE?) "in the Valley of the Euphrates it was, who undertook to bind the Shining One and affix through a human intermediary the Seal inviolate! In the centuries hence, that seal was riven and remade a full thirteen times, and at each loosing our numbers were sore reduced!" In most recent times, Uri-El was locked within a simple coffin-like crate, bound by the magic seal, "the Name that," as Charnel says, "our eyes may not look upon nor our tongues speak."

Uri-El...sort of stands out in a crowd. Except for his right arm and a portion of his chest, he is entirely wrapped in luminous silver chains, with a lock, bearing an obscure symbol, on his chest (it looks like a stylized N, but...). However, when portions of the chain become unwrapped from his person...there is nothing underneath. Uri-El carries a large key set in his left hand and a sword in his right (Charnel notes that "The edge of his glaive vibrates with none other than Ultimate Truth! He holds the Keys to the very Gates of that dread place---!" shrug). Uri-El himself notes that his flaming white sword "cuts with the edge of truth, and in that keening ring of ethereal steel---it sings paeans of praise to the unknowable, the unfathomable, the unnameable." Sure. Whatever. He is vulnerable to "hellfire" such as that wielded by Blaze (who is only able to wield Uri-El's sword briefly because of his innate hellfire), suggesting, I guess, that Uri-El's energy is "heaven-fire." Uri-El appears to be able to fly and can teleport. Aside from that and, literally, a good right arm with a sword, his capabilities are unknown. Although implicitly an angel, Uri-El has no wings.

Note: This is, obviously, a different Uri-El than the one involved in the Ghost Rider's origin.

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