First Appearance: Force Works #4 (October 1994).
Appearances: Force Works #4-5, 11-12.
Years Active: Centuries ago to the present.

Volkhvy is the cultural hero of the Slorenes, the dominant ethnic group of the Eastern European country of Slorenia. The Slorenes have always shared Slorenia with the Dudaks, a ethnic group who have never gotten along with the Slorenes. "Thousands of years ago" a racial feud between the Dudaks and the Slorenes somehow became "infected with mystical power," which resulted in the creation of Ember and Volkhvy. Since then the two have at intervals taken possession of Dudaks and Slorenes in order to continue the age-old battle; whoever wins helps insure the dominance of their ethnic group. Both he and Ember, along with the Dudaks and the Slorenes, were killed by Ultron in the pages of Avengers.

Volkhvy can manipulate mystical energy and uses a magic sword.

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