First Appearance: Invaders v2 #1 (May 1993).
Appearances: Invaders v2 #1-4.
Years Active: 1942-?

Thomas Bradley, aka Doctor Nemesis, was the co-creator with Professor Phineas Horton of the Human Torch (I). Bradley did not get any credit for creating the android, so he decided to build another crime-fighting android. His second android he named "Volton," and initially Volton began fighting crime, just as the Torch did.

But soon enough Volton went bad, and he eventually fought the Invaders as a member of the Battle-Axis, alongside Bradley (who was now callling himself "Doctor Death"), the Human Meteor, Strongman, and Spider Queen. At the end of the battle with the Invaders Volton turned on Bradley and killed him.

Volton's post-1942 history and current status are unknown.

Note: Volton first appeared in Catman v2 #13 (March 1942). However, as a Marvel character, he is a retcon addition, never having appeared in a Timely book.

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