First Appearance: Wolfpack Graphic Novel (1988?).
Appearances: Wolfpack Graphic Novel.
Years Active: circa Year Zero to the present.

The Wolfpack, a group of rogue warriors active during the modern era, have a tradition that goes back over two millennia. To quote from Mr. Mack. the leader/trainer of the modern wolfpack:

The Wolfpack began over two thousand years ago when a lost tribe of Israel wandered into China and told of a peculiar covenant that the "God of the Hebrews" had made, promising the perpetual existence of ten just and truly righteous men in the world at all times. However, to preserve cosmic balance, there would also be nine mortal men completely devoid of compassion, love or charity, whose only purpose would be the undoing of the ten and the proliferation of evil for its own sake. These men were called "The Nine." In order to keep The Nine and their extremely successful methods in check, one of the ten renounced his status and formed a renegade cult. This cult was hunted by The Nine and forced into hiding in the hills, living like wild wolves and honing their skills for conflict with The Nine. Mack first came into contact with one of these wolfpacks during World War Two, while stationed on a gunboat on the Yellow River in China. He met and was trained by an elderly Chinese woman in ancient martial arts whose perfection of form was superior to all contemporary martial arts. After the war, Mack was tutored further in these arts to battle the Nine while stationed in Japan. The exact nature of this later training, and the identity of his teachers remain unrevealed.
More details about the Wolfpack's past are not revealed, but it's possible that their teacher's training conferred superhuman powers on its recipients, as some ancient Chinese martial forms were reputed to do; Mr. Mack showed an invulnerability to bullets at one point.

Notes: The "peculiar covenant" is an obvious reference to the Jewish legend of the Tzaddikim, the 36 holy men and women who preserve the world. For more information on this legend, check out the Tales of the Tzaddikim site.

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