First Appearance: Marvel Fanfare #16 (September 1984).
Appearance: Marvel Fanfare #16.
Years Active: 1940-1945.

The Sky-Wolves are Skyler "Sky-Wolf" Wolf (a test pilot), Jesse "Little-John" Johns (an escape artist), Sidney "The Gaff" Levine (a special effects scientist who in the modern era was a SHIELD agent), and Matt Slade III (a munitions specialist). In 1940 they are seen fighting against the Nazis, using experimental VTOL planes they call the "Flapjacks." Wolf, Johns, and Levine are hired by Matt Slade II to rescue Matt III from a Nazi prison; Slade III fancies cowboy clothing and a revolver, and when freed joins the Sky-Wolves. Because of the name and the preference in costume, it is likely that Matt Slade III is the grandson of the western hero Matt Slade.

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