Jimmy Woo

First Appearance: Yellow Claw #1 (October 1956).
Appearance: Many others.
Years Active: 1950s to the present.

Jimmy Woo is a Chinese-American law enforcement officer. Since the 1950s he has fought evil and crime as a member of the FBI and later SHIELD. Jimmy is in love with a beautiful young woman by the name of Suwanee. She feels similarly about him. Unfortunately, Suwanee is the daughter of the Chinese supervillain the Yellow Claw, who has forbid Suwanee to see Jimmy.

Jimmy has been active since the 1950s, when he had his first run-ins with the Claw. In 1958 Woo was instrumental in bringing together the Avengers, who consisted of Venus, Gorilla-Man, Marvel Boy (III), Human Robot, and 3-D Man. In their sole exploit Woo and the Avengers defeated the forces of the Yellow Claw. A recent revision of the timeline has erased this adventure, so that Woo never brought the Avengers together.

Woo's status in the present seems to be deceased, as he was killed behind the scenes in Nick Fury vs SHIELD. But various SHIELD agents killed in that series have since turned up alive and well, having been kept in cryogenic storage, and so it's quite possible that Woo is living and still active.

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