First Appearance: Adventures into Fear #15 (April 1973).
Appearances: Adventures into Fear #15, Marvel Spotlight #17, Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #33.
Years Active: 18,000 B.C.E.-18,000 B.C.E. (see below).

Zhered-Na was active 20,000 years ago, in the Empire of Atlantis of King Kamuu and Queen Zartra. Zhered-Na was a sorceress in the Empire of Atlantis. Unfortunately, she prophesied that Atlantis would sink into the ocean. Kamuu and Zartra were somewhat piqued over this, and when Zhered-Na refused to recant her prophesy they banished her to "Thuria," later known as the Americas. Zhered-Na took up with the Atlantean colony already there, and a number of the Atlanteans formed a cult devoted to her. She taught her followers about the gods of Therea and the demons of Sominus, as well as giving them a large number of predictions which reached up to modern times, including one about the invasion of demons fated to be thwarted by the Man-Thing.

The Dweller in Darkness devised a plan involving the Americas. Zhered-Na, on being informed of this by Agamotto and/or her god Valka, went to stop the Dweller. Zhered-Na managed to put him in a magical coma in an "interstatial universe." When the Great Cataclysm approached and the cosmic dragon-demon Kometes began causing natural disasters across the Earth, the modern hero the Son of Satan traveled back in time to stop it; Kometes' disasters were occurring in the modern era as well. Zhered-Na teamed up with the Son of Satan and traced the problems back to the "Primal Matrix," an energy configuration identified as the "model on which the universes are constructed." The Matrix was responding to "psychic emanations" from both Zhered-Na's age and the current one and was preparing to "cleanse" humanity for its evil. The Son of Satan and Zhered-Na managed to trick the Matrix's guardian into halting the process in the modern era but not Zhered-Na's time.

Zhered-Na continued to instruct her followers until the Cataclysm, when her followers blamed her for the disaster and were manipulated by the demon D'Spayre, who was formed by the Dweller in Darkness, into murdering her. By this time, however, she (guided by Agamotto) had rendered one of her disciples, Dakimh, immortal, and he carried on her good works.

Zhered-Na was a powerful sorcerer.

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