February 24th 1996, Dr. Roger Lear & Mr. Derryl Sims lectured at MUFON, held at Du Par's in Thousand Oaks, Ca., about alien implants. The revolutional findings of these men were throughly discussed and explained as far as they were able to provide information.

Mr. Derrel Sims described himself as the 'Alien Hunter', stating 'If they're there' I'll find them'. He has continous contacts with abductees and does the prior research in tracing implants before he turns over his 'patients' to Dr. Roger Lear, now preforming the operations.

We saw in all, seven implants removed from abductees which were presented in more than one shape. Their sizes varied somewhat, but were all very small: 2mm X 4mm. Some were triangular, others T-shaped and a couple nearly spherical. Needless to say, they were not biological.

Upon three pathology reports, none of the three tests showed inflamation, which would be normal as part of natural rejection to unknown objects in one's body. Dr. Lear discribed why this probably could occur. Upon scraping the membrane and analysing it, showed the it was the abductees own tissue - and that this tissue concurred with so-called scoopmarks on the abductees body from before. The implant had then been placed within the abductees own tissue and cultivated before being placed within their body and therefore the theory that no immflamation had occured as the body accepts it's own tissue.

Furthermore, all implants were place on nerve-endings where nerve ends shouldn't be. Another momentum. No scars was evident upon the abductees skin before surgery.

We saw slides of a T-shaped implant, which Dr. Lear first thought was T-shaped, packed so tight and neatly, but upon removal it came apart as two seperate entitys.

The metal test, the first in the world as of this date, are now being runned. The first test result is mindbuffing and will be available to the public as soon as the end result is ready. More information follows upon another following article - but before that, DR. Lear and Mr. Sims had another revolutionary finding to share with us:

FLOURESCENT MARKINGS Latest new reports have been the finds of flourescent markings upon abductees. These are unvisable to the naked eye and can only be spotted when held under 'black light'. The markings then shine in either ordinate or unordinate shapes, and have been found inside palms of hands, on arms or facial areas. The color is greenish, and cannot be removed by washing or scrubbing as it is subdermetal. When held under black light, it is possible to see the flourescent colors move under the skin. Markings have proven to last all from one hour to ten days after close encounter. The only other colors are red markings, all from women whom has claimed they have been omboard ships, holding and given emotional nourishment to hybrid babies. Markings here are mostly in hand, neck and facial areas where they have been exposed to the hybrids bodies.
One doctor had a marking on his upper arm, in a specific shape that actualy looked as if it had been stamped on. It is not yet known as to what, why & how these markings are given and is still under investigation.

Attached article from w.w.w. Alien Hunter upon medical findings:
Derrel Sims at John Muir Medical Center
Jack Carlson, local MUFON member
* These names have been altered to protect their identities.
Late in the afternoon of Saturday, August 19, 1995, Dr. Carl Smith*, with the assistance of a general surgeon, took his scalpel and made a 3/4" incision down the inner half of the big toe of a patient who was lying on her back. Patricia Connely*, a former abductee, was about to undergo an exploratory surgery to remove two anomalous foreign objects which were lodged in her big toe. Stan Moore* was focusing his video camera on the area being incised thus recording the entire proceedings for posterity. A direct, live video feed was being sent to a 12-inch TV monitor in a room adjacent the operation room where six to seven people, myself included, sat in eerie silence watching the proceedings in living color. I can state, with a degree of certainty, that none of us had ever witnessed an event quite like this.

Using hypnosis, Mrs. Connely had been rendered partially unconscious by Mr. Derrel Sims a certified ypno- anesthesia therapist; then, Dr. Smith injected a massive dose of local anesthesia into the toe to assure the patient would feel no pain. Working from three x-rays, which had clearly shown the location of the anomalous foreign objects, the two doctors cut, probed and dissected the tissue until the first object was felt by Dr. Smith holding a narrow forceps. As the object was removed from the incision, the patient reacted by verbally uttering an exclamation. It was later learned the object was directly connected to a nerve, thus causing the patient pain when the object was severed from the connection tissue.

The first object extracted was a small, triangular object, measuring about 1 1/2 cm. on each side. Because the object appeared opaque in the x-rays, it was assumed to be of a substance other than bone. The object was photographed in extreme close-up by Mr. Moore's video camera, plus a series of still pictures were also taken to record minute details of the object. The specimen was transferred to a receptacle containing the patient's own blood serum where it was appropriately labeled.

In order to remove the second object, a new incision was made on the opposite half of the same toe. The doctors spent considerable time probing in an attempt to pinpoint the second object. When extracted, it was smaller than the first object, but appeared, at least to the naked eye, to be of the same material. Once it was photographed and deposited in the sterile receptacle, the patient's incisions were stitched up, and her foot bathed in an antiseptic solution which turned her skin purple. The foot was securely wrapped in a protective bandage. When Mrs. Connely was awakened, she reported feeling no pain whatsoever form the surgery. As she walked gingerly from the room, a call was made to summon a second patient, Mr. Pat Patillo.

Using the same techniques, the doctors operated on the left hand of Mr. Patilllo and eventually extracted seed- like foreign object. Like the others, it was small, measuring about 4 mm x 2 mm. The only verbal utterance from Mr. Patillo came when the object was excised from the tissue which later was determined to have been attached to a nerve. The object and some connecting tissue were duly preserved in the same type of sterile receptacles. Mr. Patillo's hand was stitched up, swabbed in an antiseptic solution, then securely bandaged. Mr. Patillo reported feeling no pain.

The specimens were given to Derrel Sims who, upon his return to Texas, will hand deliver them to the University of Houston for analysis using an electron microscope, plus a spectroscope for quantitative analysis. Then the specimens will be x-rayed and ultimately sent to Dr. Bryant* at M.I.T. for a complete analysis. The final results from testing of the objects may not be available for several weeks. Dr. Smith will be in contact with Mr. Sims who will forward the results of the tests. The videotape, which was given to Mr. Sims, will be professionally edited and titled, then a copy returned to Dr. Smith.

Mr. Sims is Chief of Abduction Investigations and Director of Physical Investigations for the Houston UFO Network. He has 25 years experience investigating abductee experiences and is himself, an abductee. He provides investigations and hypnotherapy at no charge to anyone involved in the abduction phenomenon. He has lectured extensively and recently spoke to 250 doctors at a major hospital regarding medical implications of the phenomenon.

These extraordinary surgeries were the final result of a casual conversation between Dr. Smith and Derrel Sims. They first met at the UFO Expo West conference this past June. During the course of their conversation, Mr. Sims told Dr. Smith that he was aware of two Houston residents who had implants of foreign objects in their hands and feet. After Dr. Smith viewed the x-rays of the two individuals, which confirmed the statements of Mr. Sims, he volunteered to perform the necessary surgery for removal of the objects. The two individuals readily agreed to the operation, but lacked the funds for the round trip from Houston to Los Angeles. Mr. Sims located a pilot who, upon hearing the details of the proposed surgery, immediately offered to pay for two round-trip air tickets. Saturday, August 19th was agreed upon as the date for the surgeries.

Both Mrs. Connely and Mr. Patillo had previously approached Mr. Sims to discuss their experiences with extra- terrestrial phenomenon. Mrs. Connely was abducted approximately 27 years ago, but only recently became aware of the foreign anomalous objects in her foot. Mr. Patillo, at the age of six, walked out of his house in a field, and saw a UFO; a round object, the size of a basketball approached him. As he turned to move away from it, the object exploded and embedded a piece of metal into his left hand. Patricia Connley and Pat Patillo had no prior surgeries in the area where the objects were removed. Until the x-rays revealed the location of the foreign objects, neither individual was aware of their existence.

Because of space limitations, Dr. Smith was only able to invite a select few to observe the operations. The nurse on duty assisting the two doctors was Lori Moline*. She performed her duties with precision and considerable patience given the inconvenience of working in a small operating room that barely accommodated Cindy Millar*, Ph.D., and Angie Watts* who observed; Stan Moore, operating the video camera; Derrel Sims, assisting with hypnotic anesthesia; the two doctors; plus the patient.

Observing the proceeding via monitor were: Debra Cox*, Section Director, MUFON; Sandy White*, a member of the LA MUFON group; Josh Hailey*; Ann Haile*; and myself, all members of Ventura County MUFON. Office manager Misti Drew* was present to coordinate the proceedings and take the patient's histories.

In conclusion, there are two significant questions that remain unanswered: What are the objects made of? Hopefully, we will learn the answer within a matter of weeks. I expect to write a report summarizing the results of the implant testing and analysis. That report will appear in a subsequent edition of the VORTEX.

How did the implants become embedded in the hands and feet of these two individuals? The answer to that question may never be known. We may each draw our own conclusions.