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This is a site of great, easy-to-do craft projects that make use of things you have around the home. Click on the craft link to the left for easy-to-do crafts for the whole family. You can use items lying around the house (plus glue and scissors) to create beautiful useful items. If you've been feeling guilty about throwing away that pretty bottle or the wrapping paper from your child's first birthday party, we have some great ways to make them last. The trash-to-treasure page also has great crafty uses for stuff you might have to throw away otherwise, too! Do something useful for the environment while you have fun and make a beautiful gift or item for your home.

Before you begin, though, a word to the wise: read the instructions fully. Then gather the materials. Finally, for many projects, it helps to do a test run on newspaper or old or cheap materials before you start with something valuable or irreplacable.