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Welcome to The Health Remedy. Click on the links to the left to find expert tips and easy solutions to all your health problems, from first aid to chronic illnesses. Many of these use simple products found right at home, while others list herbal medicine and natural cures, in addition to the traditional medical treatments. If you don't find exactly what you want here, you will soon be able to click on our links section to browse other health remedy sites.

Before following the advice here, however, please read this very important message for your safety. Please also READ and keep in mind the words below:

This information is collected from magazines, books, the Internet and through the age-old wisdom of my parents, grandmothers, aunts and uncles. You may find more information for women than men, but many men can learn from this, too. Many are natural solutions to diseases as well as day-to-day problems and issues. Others are just techniques and tips. Some of the stuff is meant only for women, some only for those with black hair, etc. but there is definitely something in here that you can use. I can't guarantee they will necessarily work for you but they're preferable to using harsh chemicals and may save you in some way.

Remember to check with your doctor before beginning any fitness regimen, any exercise, any diet, or any herbal treatment.


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Notes on herbs:
Always, always, always tell your doctor when you are thinking about taking any herbs since they may interact with other medicines. Don't just diagnose your own symptoms and run to the health store. Remember, conventional drugs DO work well. ***IF you are pregnant or nursing, avoid all herbs (and most medicine, for that matter).*** For herbs, buy brand names made in the U.S., to ensure the conditions in which they were grown, their purity and composition. Look for the word "standardized" on herbal products. Herbs to avoid: comfrey, chaparral, jin bu huan, germander, pennyroyal and pokeroot all hurt the liver. Also avoid ephedra (ma huang), because it can raise heart rate and blood pressure and has been shown to cause some birth defects.

All the ideas below are meatless (no meat, fish, poultry), but some may contain dairy products and/or eggs. Not all the ingredients may be available to you, but if you contact me, I will try to help you find what you need. Some ideas listed may seem almost miracle cures, but others may take several weeks to be effective. Be patient, but of course, realize when it isn't working for you. You may find that some treatment works well for you, while another person finds it to work poorly. We hope you find these pages useful and informative. Please let us know what you think by sending email or filling out our feedback and suggestions form.

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