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IMany times, all it takes is a quick note to let someone know they are still welcomed home. Your son or daughter may be looking, browsing the internet and come across this board. Feel free to post a message in hopes they will see it and contact you, me or someone within the foundation. We want to help bring families back together. God bless you in search of your lost loved ones. I am so glad I am with my family. They may not be perfect, but they are mine.

If you would like to post a note to your parent in hopes they will find you, you may also use this message board. It will be monitored. I will help you any way I can to re-connect with your family. If you do not want to post a public message, please contact Janet Fetkewicz at the FMSF office at 215-387-1872. She will be of assistance in any way that she can. I will too. Please let someone know you are alright, even if you are not ready to reunite. We really do care. Thanks, Laura E. Pasley

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Contact me by the email button on the front of the web site. You can also email Janet at .