Religious and Philosophic Reflections

Religious and Philosophic Reflections

"The problem of restoring integration and cooperation between manís beliefs about the world in which lives and the values and purposes that should direct his conduct is the deepest problem of modern life. It is the problem of any philosophy that is not isolated from that life." John Dewey

That about sums up the goal which undergirds the religious and philosophic writings found on this page.

Progressive Christianity

  • A Religionless Christianity: Thoughts on the Future of the Church by Dietrich Boenhoffer
  • The Way of Transformation
  • Wrestling with Questions
  • Why Is there Goodness?
  • On thinking of God as serendipitous creativity
  • What is the use of God?
  • Asking the Right Questions about God
  • Confessions of a Religious Seeker
  • Empiricism and Process Theology: God is what God does
  • How Self-Image Shapes Our Environment, Gordon Kaufman
  • Process Theology and the American Spiritual Culture
  • When Christians Become Naturalists
  • What is Religious Naturalism by Jerome Stone
  • What is a Progressive Christian?

    Religious Naturalism

  • The first Humanist Manifesto
  • Creative Interchange
  • Religion: It's Natural
  • Does the Universe Care?
  • A Hummanist Case for Immortality
  • Pragmatism and Faith pt 1
  • Pragmatism and Faith pt 2

    Essays on or by John Dewey

  • Democracy and Education
  • John Dewey's Life and Works
  • Creative Democracy: The Task Before Us
  • The Religious Availability of John Dewey's God
  • John Dewey's Common Faith

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