A Recipe for Receiving Good Fortune

Like most people, I assumed that good luck is something that you could never simply rely on - but I also realised that it's one of the things which is crucial to your happiness and enjoyment of life.

Wouldn't it be great if, instead of always getting random fortune, you could somehow raise your chances of getting good fortune? If that sounds like a good thing, then read on.

At one stage I was out of work for a while and really started to wonder if the job market would ever pick up (as you do) and whether I would even work again. With a lot of spare time on my hands, I decided to read a little about all sorts of interesting subjects - Kabbalah, the astral realms and various other secrets of the ages which are now strangely not quite so secret any more. I also talked to different people who have a mystical bent. What I ended up with is a cross between prayer and Kabbalistic mental magic - a technique which I will always be tremendously grateful for. Now there are plenty more advanced techniques out there to suit all sorts of purposes, but this one is the simplest and most effective technique I've ever found. It is quick, it requires no training, it can be done anywhere (even in public) and it honestly works wonders!

The Technique

When you have a quiet moment, silently call out to the cosmos - and with as much internal emotion as you can muster:

    "To those who can help, please..." - then state your wish.
Or be as complicated as you like - as long as it's still all-inclusive. For example:
    "To Jesus, Mary, any angels, guides and beings who can help, please..." - then state your wish.

Using emotion is one of the most important aspects of this. I won't go into the technical details, but take my word for it that it will amplify your call for help so that more "people" (guardian angels, relatives who have passed on, gods, goddesses or whatever you might believe in) have a chance to hear your request and then feel permitted to help you. (They often feel they need your permission to help with non-critical things!) Note that you don't have to believe in anything spiritual for this to work. You just have to be sincere and earnest in reaching out to anyone who might be out there.

Note that this can be done anywhere - in bed, at your desk at work, on the bus, etc. But the results appear to be best if you are fully concentrated for this short moment and are utterly sincere. Also doing it three times in a row (or whichever number of times appeals to you) seems to make it work even better.

But do use your common sense! Just because an opportunity comes up doesn't necessarily mean that it's automatically the perfect one. So use your head and your instincts as you would normally do. But from my experience I'd say you will definitely know when the right opportunity appears even if you are a little sceptical initially - as I often am. The right opportunity is usually one that appears to be quite a stroke of luck.

Second Variation - Energised Prayer

After doing it for a couple of years, I noticed that the emotional "charge" that I was infusing with each prayer felt a lot like chi energy so I changed the way I did the prayer to the following way. Note that the original way still works a treat, but I feel drawn to this way for some reason.

  • Breathe in energy from the universe into the area just below the navel (lower dantien) while saying "To any beings of the Light who can help". Repeat for a total of threee times.
  • Breathe out and direct the stored energy upwards to a greater power (the Higher Self if you believe in that concept) while stating the with internal emotion the request. Do two more lots of breathing in energy and stating the request.

I have read that this may actually be similar a Hawaiian "Huna" technique for prayer, as they supposedly always believed that breathing (associated with drawing universal energy in many cultures) was essential for prayer. Also I always say a big emotional "Thank you" each morning to all those who have helped. Gratitude is a good way to keep help coming along and boost your chances of getting more in the future.

Examples and Pointers

Example 1 - Requesting A Good Home for a Fig Tree

Ok - when I first formulated this I had no idea if it would work or not so I thought I'd try it with the most unselfish wish I had. In my tiny back yard, I had planted a fig tree and a few years later once I discovered how big they get, I realised that I couldn't keep it there. So not wanting to kill it, I spent a few hours digging it up and sat it on the ground covering the roots with earth so that it was ready to take away but wouldn't die in the meantime. I'd called everyone I could think of but nobody was interested. Even placing an advert in the paper yielded no results as the few people who replied were put off when they realised how big it would grow. In the end I realised I'd have to find someone who not only wanted a fig tree but also lived out of town or had a really big back yard. A rather tall order.

However because I knew that the wish was so altruistic - I mean I was getting nothing out of this personally - and because I know that the heavenly "powers that be" love nature, I felt really confident that if I used my technique, the right person would be sent to me.

So every day when I walked past it, I quickly used the technique to ask if someone could be sent to me who could give the tree a good home. Then about two weeks later, I was talking to our neighbour and although she'd already said that she couldn't use it and didn't know anyone who could, she said that she now knew some people way out of town who had a nice big plot of land and wanted to grow fruit trees there. I thought that was nice but how would the tree get out there? She said she'd find a way. Now I was fairly dubious as nobody would drive a trailer all that way and they didn't have a wagon. However true to her word, she came over a few days later, wrapped up the roots in an old sheet and managed to put the tree (which had been topped) into her car as the back seats folded down, allowing it to lie down from the boot through to the passenger seat. She also took a small olive tree which I was giving away too.

Now when you think what the chances of someone coming to me who knew someone out of town who would be interested in such a tree and who could transport it out there (as I couldn't in my car), it seemed to be quite a stroke of luck indeed.

Example 2 - Requesting a Good Job

Of course, I'd need more proof than this to say that there was something to my new technique, so I thought I'd try something a bit more difficult and more personal. At this stage I'd been out of a job for quite a few months with very little interim work and was really starting to despair - especially as there was a real recession in my industry. So every day I called out in my head: "To any God or Goddess, any spirit or any entity at all out there who can help, please help me find a job which will be really good for me." I knew not to be too specific as really I only wanted a job I could be happy with.

Again after about two weeks or so, I got a call from a job agency I'd never heard of. They were calling about a programming job and I groaned because I'd had a few calls already over the months for this particular kind of job but each time they always wanted experience in aspects that I just hadn't worked on. I was about to tell the guy that I wasn't interested (as I found interviews so stressful) when he said that an old friend of mine who I hadn't seem for ages had recommended me. Well, that put a different complexion on it. I told the agent to wait and called my pal. He said that he'd just interviewed for this job and although he'd really impressed them with his knowledge, he found that in the end he wasn't in a position to take it - so he'd told them that he couldn't take it but that he knew someone who would be ideal: me! I quizzed him about the technology they were using and he said that my knowledge would be exactly what they were after, as they were operating a little differently than most of the other places around town. He also said that they were desperate for someone and would pay very well too. I couldn't believe it! I was excited for the first time in months and yet it just sounded almost too good to be true. So I called the agent back, arranged an interview for the next day and started to prepare for the interview. I felt I needed more time to brush up on things and luckily the interview was postponed which gave me another day to brush up some more.

In the end, the interview was one of the most pleasant interviews I've ever had. There were three easy-going people asking me straightforward questions, all of which I could easily answer. Afterwards I thought things had gone well but I didn't want to be too confident - especially as there were probably plenty of other good people looking for jobs at that time and surely there was someone available who'd be better than me! However it turned out just as my friend said. They offered me the job that very night - which had never happened so fast for me before - and I started the very next day.

One of the strangest things about this job is that in the past I thought I'd worked at good places, but as the weeks went by I realised that this was the best job I had ever had in my professional career. The people were fantastic, the money was as much as I'd ever earned and the work was fun and very rewarding. In fact when one of the main tasks was completed, some of the software I'd helped put together made the news on TV that night. Quite a change from other places I'd worked where either the work was boring, or the technology I was using was out of date, or the people weren't quite so nice, or the money was not that good. (Or a combination of those factors.) Also with every other job I'd started in the previous five years or more, I'd always been really unimpressed after starting. This was really a new experience.

Now when I look at the amount of good fortune involved in me getting such a truly wonderful job, and the really unlikely way it was dropped in my lap, I have to say that at this point I was now totally convinced that there was something to this technique.

Now life always keeps moving and I decided to take another job after a while, and I noticed even my farewell from this office was a wonderful big night. The next job was more of a challenge but paid significantly more and is even more fun. When interviewing for the new job (which the same friend recommended me for), I prayed for everything to be easy if the job would be good for me and for every obstacle to get in the way if it wasn't. The interview was the smoothest I have ever had and I was offered it at the end of the hour - which is pretty well unheard of in my experience. Yet I noticed that in that next job, if things start coming unstuck then I would usually find that I'd forgotten to say my prayer in the mornings. Then I would say the prayer immediately and things would start to correct themselves. But don't me misled and think you can then do no wrong if you use this technique - as you can always mess things up if you don't watch yourself! It simply smooths the way and provides a significantly extra level of guidance.

Example 3 - Wanting to Meet Mystical People

Before I'd developed this technique as such, I knew various people who were interested in mystical ideas but I didn't know anybody who was actually doing anything interesting on this level. So I sent out a wish to meet people who are actually doing mystical stuff. A month or so after that I just happened to meet an interesting young woman who was trying to organise a venue for a lecture being given by some prominent authors on mystical subjects who were visiting from the UK. Not only did I get to go to the lecture free was quite a mind-blowing experience, but I got to know the young woman and her friends who do and have done so much on a mystical level and are so knowledgeable, friendly and down-to-earth. At the time I remember thinking how amazing it was that my unspoken but heart-felt wish had been so swiftly granted.


One important part, which is just plain courtesy of course, is that when your wish is granted you thank whoever helped. If someone out there is looking out for you, it's in your best interest to build up as much of a connection as possible with them, even if it does often seem totally one-sided. I usually say to myself something like, "To whoever helped with (whatever it was), thank you so very much - that was so cool and I am really, really grateful!"

Some Good Examples of Wishes

I personally believe that the key to choosing the best wishes is to choose ones which rely on luck coming your way. For example, luck will not make you a good pianist, as that requires years of practice. However you might have good luck in meeting an excellent piano teacher who can really motivate you. Fate won't usually dump money in your lap (except perhaps from the inheritance of a beloved relative!), but it might allow you to come across a really good business deal.

Remember: you have to do the hard work yourself, but you can always ask for the opportunities and luck which are essential ingredients.

Smaller-scale requests:

  • "...please let today be a great day (and tonight be a great night)!"
  • "...please let this presentation I'm doing today go well!"
  • "...please let lunch go well tomorrow!" (E.g. if you are meeting argument-prone people)
  • "...please find me a car which is reasonably-priced and will be really good for me!" (It potentially might need some work, but it will be good for you to know about these things...)
  • "...please let me meet some nice French-speaking people who can help me improve my French!"
  • "...please let me meet people who can help me in a meaningful way!"
  • "...please help me find something which will alleviate my hay-fever/bronchitis/etc!"

    Larger-scale requests:

  • "...please help me get a job which would be really good for me!"
  • "...please help me find a boyfriend/girlfriend who would be really good for me!"

    Note that you want what is good for you in the long run. Now what is good for you may involve learning some tough lessons at times, but if this is the case it's better to learn them sooner rather than later as learning lessons helps you move towards real happiness and even more fulfilment.

    Daily Work

    One thing I try to do before work these days is to take a moment just to ask for today to be a great day (and for tonight to be a great night) - plus anything more specific required. And the days I do this tend to be heaps better than the days I don't. In fact usually what reminds me that I've forgotten to do this is having a day where things aren't going so well. But of course I need to make an active effort myself to make things go well, as it can be foiled if I slip up and be overly critical of others, etc. Life always involves some effort of course. So if you're one of many people out there who don't really enjoy their job or things in general, this technique can make a huge difference.

    How I Think This Works

    Personally - and I am simply speculating here - I think that there are many spirits, angels or whatever out there who can tune into a plea from an ordinary mortal and, assuming they like your vibe and they feel like helping out, they do what they can to influence destiny to allow your wish to be fulfilled. Perhaps there are some who are attached to some of us personally and help us out wherever they can - like the old "guardian angel" idea. Now, chances are if you ask for twenty gold bars then that will be so hard for any of them to arrange that it's virtually impossible and anyway they wouldn't think you'd deserve it. I mean, you have to ask for an opportunity that could be on the cards anyway, but that you'd just need a little good fortune to get - and I believe that tweaking fortune is one of the things they somehow specialise in.

    I also believe that karma plays a big role in this too and that if you treat people badly or you're very selfish, you might not have a hell of a lot of luck with this. (As who wants to help out a really selfish person unless they are changing their ways?) Also I only ask for things that I feel would be good for me.

    Isn't Praying to Jesus, Buddha, etc the Same?

    Personally I think requests are beamed specifically to whoever you send them to. So limiting who you send them to is essentially limiting your possibilities for help. Now I think traditional prayer is fine, but why would you want to narrow down the list of beings who can help out? Why if you are a Hindu would you ask Sri Krishna alone if perhaps Kali the Divine Mother could help out? Or if you are a Christian, why would you direct everything at Jesus alone when you could address it to Jesus, Mary and all the saints and angels? In the end, most of us have no idea who we're dealing with and will accept help from anyone kind enough to help us out - and would like as much help as possible. Like with me - even though I'm not a Buddhist, I would be tremendously happy if the Buddha felt like giving me a hand every now and again. Naturally you can feel free to list all the personages you'd like to target at the start of the request and then include "anyone else who can help".

    Interestingly, I remember reading in a biography of Padre Pio (the miracle-working Italian monk of the 20th century who's already a saint) that even though he was performing miracles left right and centre, he said that he would be able to help people far more once he had died. I don't think he expanded upon that but I took it to mean that he can handle a lot more requests for help when he's working on the spirit planes.

    Warning - Bad Wishes

    You can definitely ask for things which will be bad for you!

    For example, a year before I really sorted out this technique I was trying to get a job which was offering much more money than I'd ever earned before. The interviews had gone well but there were budget problems at the company and I was running out of patience. So I asked with all my heart: "Please let me get this job - even if it is bad for me" - as I thought I'd be able to deal with any problems which came up. I did get the job shortly afterwards and it was by far the worst place I have ever worked in my life and man, I really regretted making such a stupid wish just because I was thinking only of the money.

    And even though I haven't really tried this much, I do get the feeling that if you ask for something totally selfish and which probably isn't something for example a guardian angel would approve of, they might give you what you asked for on the surface but no matter how you phrase the request, they might make it turn out so bad that you will learn a good lesson there. So do be careful what you ask for! (Very similar in fact to the classic story of the mischievous genie granting wishes to thoughtless people.)

    Also - make sure you don't wish using a bad wording. If you want the people painting your house to make a good job, don't ask "...please don't let the workmen make a bad job of the painting". As here, you would be setting a low bar for your wish and often your wish is not granted ove and above exactly what you ask for. So if you want them to make a great job, ask for a great job. But you should have really prayed initially to find workmen who can make a really good job of your house!

    Don't Think That You Can Sit Back and Relax!

    Often when your wish is granted, it is merely the opportunity which arises but now it's up to you to work like crazy to take advantage of it.

    Say for example with the great job I got, if I had not spent so much time preparing for the interview, they might not have been terribly impressed and I might have missed out. Also once I got the job, if I had slacked around, things would not have gone well. Remember that you have to work hard to make the most of the opportunities you are given - and that nothing is served up on a silver platter. It's best to always assume that you can easily blow your good fortune if you are lazy or ungrateful.


    In the end give it a go and see if it works for you. You've got nothing to lose (assuming you're sensible) and potentially so much to gain. I've been doing it for years since 2001 and it has worked wonders for me - I'm sure it will do so for you too!

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    This page was created in early 2002 and updated in January 2006