September 3, 2005
Vegas Foto Diary - Day 1

I saw these flowers all over the side of Highway 93 past Kingman, Arizona. Anyone know what they are?

Welcome to Harrah's! This is where I spent my first three nights

The Rio, where I was not one of the 20 winners on The Price Is Right...unless you count my three free nights at Harrah's

I have enough comps for a couple of Outback steak dinners at Casino Royale. I suppose it was worth it. ($2 craps and $3 Carribbean stud? What could go wrong?)

Every time the Mirage volcano fires off gouts of my firm's natural gas, I feel a warm glow in my heart

The Barbary of the many Coast casinos whose dealers are so kind to me

Caesar welcomes you!

Russell Crowe feels homesick right about now

Bugsy's dream

A dealer at the Gold Coast told me about this funky little place where they have ten-cent roulette

We'll leave a light on for ya.

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