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a circle. continuity. balance.
s i m p l i c i t y.




  [ w e l c o m e ]



7-07-02 --- Its Summerr. Check this link out to see whats been goin on up here in ol ann arbor, university of michigan (GO BLUE!):

NASA SHARP PLUS program - Summer 2002

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Renovations occurring...

{ - t h o u g h t of the m o m e n t - }

Viva La Revolucion!

Free the masses from the chains of their socio-economic classes. The people are rising and revolting against a common enemy: garbage talk and correspondingly, the garbage talkers. The exploitation and objectification of our brothers and sisters will be tolerated no longer. Eradicate the pestilence of garbage talk that lingers on in our school's hallways like the crap it is. WE shall overcome.


"peace and solidarity."

more on revolution: here


Que significa "life"...
existence. the beauty. the suffering.
Life itself is already a miracle in the vast emptiness of
space and time. Just enjoy it while it lasts, even if
sometimes there is pain and downfalls,
but life is always beautiful.


[I m a g e  o f t h e M o m e n t]




heres a link to some
asianavenue.com pages i had ...


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