Hear Norman Kennedy
the Scottish Folk Singer
[see link below - posted with permission of Mr. Kennedy - performance copyright 2007]

Norman Kennedy Norman Kennedy is one of Scotland's finest traditional singers with a unique repertoire of folk songs and ballads.

Born and brought up in Aberdeen, he was a neighbour of the great ballad singer Jeanie Robertson and during the evolving folk scene of the 1960's he picked up many songs from her and from other singers such as the bothy ballad singer Jimmy McBeath and the traveler and street singer Davie Stewart.

Norman Kennedy was born and raised on King Street in Aberdeen.  He is a 'keeper of the old ways', a master practitioner and teacher of textile arts as well as an unaccompanied singer of traditional Scottish Songs that he learned while growing up.

Norman teaches an inspiring workshop in the rarely practised method of shrinking wool - Waulking the Cloth - where workshop participants sit around a large table and pass the hand-woven material from hand to hand while Norman sings traditional songs and tells of the old ways in Scotland.

Norman was brought to the US to represent traditional Scottish folk music at the  1965 Newport Folk Festival.  He was an immediate success with the "folkies" and the academic alike. The former loved his relaxed, easy style, while the latter recognized a deep knowledge and understanding of the songs, which went way beyond book learning. Here was a young man truly immersed in his tradition and culture. Then in 1966 Norman moved to live in the USA, where for the next six years he was the Master Weaver and Spinner at Colonial Williamsburg in Williamsburg, VA.

 In June 2003, Norman was awarded the highest honor in folk and traditional arts in the United States. This Master Artist was the recipient of one of eleven fellowships awarded by the National Endowment for the Arts. The award was presented in The Library of Congress by United States President George W Bush; the $20,000 award being comparable to the Turner Prize.

Treble Clef
You can SEE AND HEAR a 50 minute concert now by CLICKING THIS LINK.
Performance video is copyright 2007 by Norman Kennedy and posted  with his permission. Webmaster Robert Morecook