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The Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets

Information Page

An unofficial page for the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets
- with a tribute to Company I, Class of 68

vtheadThird Battalion Reactivated! - Starting Fall 1999
vtheadThe Corps Early History Page - From the beginning through the early 60's
vthead The Corps Today - Picture Page
vthead Hear the Regimental Band online -- includes colorful slide shows
vthead News from the Corps - Press Releases
vthead A Tribute to Company I, Class of 68
vthead Corps of Cadets Video - you can view it on-line
vthead Official Corps Page at Virginia Tech - with info about membership
vthead American Senior Military Colleges - with Va Tech listed first!
vthead Webmaster's E-Mail

(This page is maintained by Bob Morecock, I-68, VTCC -- rmorecook@hotmail.com - note the spelling in the email address uses the new spelling of my last name). Snail mail address is P.O. Box 16661 Sugar Land TX 77496-6661. Also visit my AFVN Vietnam radio and tv veterans home page.