Colleen Dewhurst

"All right, my darlings, all I can say is that life is a joy. This is what it's all about. Don't waste your time. For there will never be enough or all you need."
-Colleen Dewhurst in a speech to the graduating seniors of Sarah Lawrence College, 1977

Colleen Dewhurst was born on June 3, 1926 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She debuted on Broadway in 1952, in Eugene O'Neills, "Desire Under the Elms" and on television in "The Count of Monte Criste" in 1958. She served as president of "The Actors Equity Association"  from 1985-1991. She was a very successful actress in theatre, film, and television. She married and divorced actor George C. Scott twice. They had two children, Alexander and Cameron Scott. Cameron is now an actor. Throughout her acting career she recieved 2 Tony's, 2 Obie's and 4 Emmy's. She died of cancer on August 22, 1991 in South Salem, New York two days before receiving her fourth Emmy.

"At her death, she left an indelible mark on American theatre." -Barbara Lee Horn

"A full and passionate life was hers, remarkable for her struggles and her triumphs."
-Edna R. Green

"In a way Marilla, was the reflection of Colleen's personality. She had an ability to infect people with her humor, and everything was coupled with a strong sense of principles. She was very genuine."
      - Kevin Sullivan

For Avonlea fans she is best loved for her role as Marilla Cuthbert in Anne of Green Gables (1985) and Anne of Green Gables : The Sequel (1987) as well as her guest apperarances on Road to Avonlea in the first three seasons of the series.

"She was a great friend, a really wonderful woman to work with...a woman who was an incredibley professional actor, one who was extremely giving, kind and generous. She had things in perspective. She was there to do her job and had a lot of respect for the crew and her fellow performers. But she also knew had to have fun - and perhaps, more importantly, how to make people around her share that fun."
   - Megan Follows

She also played Murphy Brown's mother on two episodes of the comedy in it's second and third seasons. She appeared in "Brown Like Me" and "Bob & Avery & Ted & Avery". She won an Emmy award for "Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series" in 1991.

Filmography -
Simple Gifts - 1993
Dying Young - 1991
Lantern Hill  - 1990
Bed and Breakfast - 1990
Kaleidoscope - 1990
Termini Station - 1989
Those She Left Behind - 1989
Obsessed - 1988
Anne of Green Gables : The Sequel - 1987
Bigfoot - 1987
As Is - 1986
Between Two Women - 1986
The Boy Who Could Fly - 1986
Sword of Gideon - 1986
Johnny Bull - 1986
Anne of Green Gables - 1985
Kaleidoscope -1985
The Glitter Dome - 1984
You Can't Take It With You - 1984
The Dead Zone -  1983
The Third Walker - 1983
The Blue and Gray -1982
Final Assignment - 1980
Tribute - 1980
Death Penalty - 1980
The Women's Room - 1980
Baby Comes Home - 1990
And Baby Makes Six - 1979
Ice Castles - 1979
Silent Victory - The Kitty O'Neill Story - 1979
When A STranger Calls - 1979
The Mary and Joseph Story - 1979
Third Walker - 1979
McQ - 1974
Jacob and Joseph - 1974
The Cowboys - 1972
The Price - 1971
A Fine Madness - 1966
Man on A String - 1960
The Nun's Story - 1959

She wrote her autobiography with Tom Viola who completed the autobiography in 1992.

Cameron Scott

Cameron Scott has appeared in a number of films including, "Five Corners", "Dead Again",  "The Daytrippers" and the "Spanish Prisoner". He also starred in "Dying Young" with Julia Roberts in 1991 along with his mother.

"Acting was just something our parents did."