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Mutt and Jeff in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

New Stories for the New Year 2004

A New 1899 Medal for Mutt with an Interesting History
March Madness at the Flea Market
The Father of Puerto Rico Independence
Basketball Medal from Club Auction
Mutt and His Panama So-Called Dollar
Mutt and Jeff at the Ft Lauderdale Coin Show
Lowry Air Force Base mess token - found at Flea Market
At Fort Lauderdale auction Mutt bids on medal
Mutt and Jeff say -This is the last trip til fall - Too Darn Hot!
Still too hot for Jeff, but Mutt went very early Sunday
Mutt finds coins for the Boy Scouts
Jeff heads for Palm Beach Show while Mutt visits Swap Shop
Mutt finds the story of the Medal of the "Beggars"
Mutt finds a small medal at the Swap Shop
Mutt remembers how he got started with coins
Mutt and Jeff visit Palm Beach
Mutt and Jeff at the Ft.Lauderdale Coin Club picnic