Mutt and Jeff in Florida with new friend Bobo.

The numismatic friends have been regulars at the Swap Shop each Thursday, but the coin pickings have been so poor, there just haven't been any stories. In the last couple of week, they have a new friend who at least part of the morning walk, joins Mutt and Jeff. His name is Bob so Mutt named him Bobo after a little tot from many years ago. He is a lot of fun and always has a group of stories to pass on. He caught up with Mutt and Jeff, early in the day, which was overcast and with a little breeze at times. Bobo was checking out the market with Harvey from the coin club. Harvey walks very fast and does the whole place in half the time, Mutt and Jeff devote to it. Well Harvey & Bobo moved on out fast, while Mutt and Jeff took their time and looked at all the merchandise.

Mutt saw another old gentleman who had just made a purchase, which intrigued Mutt. Looking in a large box of junk, there were several more of the plaquets like the one this man had just bought. Mutt picked up one - USS Asheville - and inquired as to the price. When the response was two dollars, he quickly bough it. Jeff looked around and found three more, which he immediately purchased for a big $6. They are heavy bronze and 5 or 6 incles across. Click on the small medals for larger view.

Later in the morning, they both bought a few coins; Mutt a 1925 Lebanon 5 Piastres bronze struck in Paris 1,500,000 mintage, worth somewhere between $2 and $8 at a cost of twenty-five cents. Jeff got a crudely damaged Walker Quarter, and some English and Swiss coins. He spent $2. for the lot.

By this time they were getting tired, so it was time to head for the Canteen for coffee, etc.