Mutt and Jeff visit the Flea Market at Margate

It's spring in South Florida and already it is almost too hot for the weekly walk-around the flea market. Approximately 10 miles North of where Mutt lives, but closer for Jeff who lives further up, there has been for many years a smaller flea market which has their free day on Tuesday. Except it is not "free" anymore, buts costs sellers $5. to setup. It attracts a different set of venders, many retired folks. They have slightly better used flea market items.

So, recently Mutt and Jeff have been arriving on Tuesday at about 7:30 AM. Mutt found an interesting medal this time and Jeff bought a small grouping of foreign coins (most of little value).


1985 Medallic Art Co. Danbury, CT - Bronze 3"
Coca-Cola - Who would have ever thought that what began as a local soda fountain curiosity on May 8, 1886, would become the world's favorite soft drink? From its simple beginning, Coca-Cola has grown to be a part of life in cities and towns around the world. It has been over 100 years since Coca-Cola was first served in an Atlanta pharmacy. During this time, Coca-Cola has become the best known and most admired trademark in the history of commerce, recognized by nearly all of the world's population.
Jacob's Pharmacy

When Coke® was first concocted, the "story" goes that one of the ingredients was "cocaine". Now, the formula for Coke is a trade secret, but as health regulations were tightened, it was removed a long time ago.