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Here, you will find Sepharadic Melodies for all occasions from Morocco, and the Mediterranean Basin countries. Shabbat, Holidays, Hannukah, Ladino songs, Judeo Arabic songs, Choirs, Israeli, Hebrew, French etc..Most are with musical orchestration. You will also find links to pages with similar topics of interest .

A Selection of Sepharadic Melodies

Amen Shem Nora Shabbat Melodies

Holiday Melodies, Pourim, Pesah, Rosh Hashanah, Kippour

Ladino Melodies

Judeo-Arabic Melodies

Hannukah Melodies

Songs with Choirs

Festive for All Occasions

Visit my International Page

Sylvain's Page

Enrico Macias Sings some of my Favorites

Variety of Midi Songs

The Israeli-Jewish-Yiddish-Hebrew-Folk cultural Music MIDI Free Library

More Sources of Sepharadic Music

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