Scarlatti Guitar Duo
Scarlatti Guitar Duo, who are the first professional Turkish Duo were formed in April 1997. Kübra KAVAK was born in 1976 in Istanbul, studied guitar at Marmara University, graduating with a first-class degree. After graduating she met Muzaffer ÇORLU and studied for 1 year with him and then they decided to form the guitar duo. Since then they have been studying with Albeniz Guitar Duo. Muzaffer ÇORLU was born in Munich in 1969. He studied guitar with Humberto Quesquen in Krefeld Musik Schule, with Michael Koch in Lienz. He joined many master classes in Europe. In the meantime, he graduated from the Psychology Department of Istanbul University in 1990. Muzaffer ÇORLU teaches classical guitar and history of music at the Yildiz Technical University (Istanbul), and also Beylerbeyi Music School together with Kübra KAVAK. Muzaffer ÇORLU who is the founder of the Scarlatti Guitar Duo is also the founder of the first guitar orchestra in Turkey. Sonata K 466 being the favorite piece of each player prompted the name of Scarlatti Guitar Duo.
Collegium Cithara Istanbul

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"...No instrument sounds beautifully like a guitar, except two guitars..."

Frédéric Chopin